The importance of pricing a property correctly.

March 15, 2019 joshharbst No comments exist

One of the classes we offer at Genesis Real Estate School is a Post license Pricing, Marketing, and Advertising. While the class covers all 3 topics, there is a great deal dedicated to pricing a property correctly. This is important for many reasons. Here, in the Treasure Valley, sellers have owned the market for a few years. We have had very little inventory and demand is high making for huge strides in growth in values. While Boise remains hot, many other markets that drive our market have settled down. My personal opinion is that we will be following suit shortly. With that being said, pricing property properly becomes essential. We have had the benefit of pricing property on the high end of comps because we know the market is going up and if we over price, there’s a good chance the market will grow into it. Once the market slows down, that will not be the case. Pricing the property correctly could be the difference in whether or not we sell the home. Remember that a home for sale garners the most attention when it is new to market. If we over price it and it sits for too long, buyers start to wonder what is wrong with the property. If we don’t sell the property, we don’t get paid. We may also end up with unhappy clients and in this relationship driven business, we can lose future business as well. Take a look at our schedule and if time permits, take the class. We offer a lot more insight in the classroom.

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