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March 6, 2020 joshharbst No comments exist

Kenny Gray shares the new happenings at Acceptance Counseling Services.  You can Visit their website at:

Hi, this is Josh from Genesis real estate, and I’m out promoting local business. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Kenny Gray, owner of Acceptance Counseling. Kenny, What do you do at Acceptance Counseling? At Acceptance Counseling we offer individual and family counseling services for adults, couples, teens and adolescents and it’s really a spectrum of things that we address and anything from long-term stuff to just situational things happening in life; at that moment. All right, that’s deep stuff, that’s good stuff. Is there anything about your business that you’d like to share today? Yeah, we’ve recently expanded and remodeled an office suite across the hallway and hired three new therapists their names are Kevin Smith, Jessica Phelps and Stephanie Rowell. All of which do a really good job of complementing each other and addressing different issues and specializing with different populations. We accept all forms of insurance and we even offer a sliding scale fee; for people that like to privately pay but don’t have insurance. Nice! Yeah. Big things happen at Acceptance Counseling. I like it. Last question, What is your favorite thing about the Treasure Valley? My favorite thing about the Treasure Valley is how much it feels like home. I get the privilege to kind of travel a little bit and no matter where I go I can’t wait to get back home, because no place like the Treasure Valley feels as much like home Nice. So there you have it Acceptance Counseling growing. Remember to keep business local, keep real estate local, until next time.

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