Is affordable housing a crisis in the Boise Metro?

March 21, 2019 joshharbst No comments exist

I wrote this blog on my School website and thought I would Share in case this is the Idaho real estate Blog you follow. 🙂

Is the name of the meeting I attended at BRR with many other Realtors along with a professor from BSU, a gentleman from City of Boise, and a journalist from the Idaho Press. It was a great discussion on talks and potential ways Boise is working to make more affordable housing available in the Metro area. We did focus on Boise in the discussion and I believe it could have extended to the suburbs such as Caldwell, Nampa, and Meridian. The options being discussed include changes to existing ordinances regarding accessory dwelling units (ADUs) which would make it easier to have 2nd homes on single lots. There is actually a city council meeting to discuss this very topic this evening. We also discussed some changes that have recently passed in Minneapolis which eliminate zoning and allow for triplexes to be built on any city lot. Minneapolis has also established a land trust for the city to buy land and allow developers to build on. That way, the city can someone control the cost of the housing. There are many ideas being tossed around and I hope we come to proper conclusions. We are the fastest growing city in the fastest growing state in America and having a plan is essential.

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