Today’s Hot Topic: Electronic Signatures

October 23, 2019 joshharbst No comments exist

Hi, it’s Josh with Genesis Real Estate. Today’s Hot Topic: electronic signatures.

Most folks nowadays, when buying or selling property, are using electronic signatures to sign documents, to go between buyers and sellers. 

It is a super helpful tool that can be used remotely, if you’re not right next to your real estate agent. The only problem that we’re running into, is that real estate agents are not taking the time to explain these contracts prior to receiving the signatures. And what can happen is: the buyer or seller is left with contractual obligations they’re required to perform, that were never explained to them. So, I could go on and on about the types of trouble this can create, but since this is a short video, we’re gonna say: “Hey, quick tip real estate agents, remember to take time to explain the contract, over the phone, Skype, FaceTime… I don’t care. Just explain it prior to getting signatures.” And then if you’re a customer or client of a real estate agent, make sure that your agent is taking the time to break down all of your obligations. 


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