Check out the Kopper Kitchen by the airport in Boise!

February 19, 2020 joshharbst No comments exist

A short, fun, interview with Brian from the Kopper Kitchen!

Hi, this is Josh with Genesis real estate and I’m out promoting local businesses. And today we’re going to meet Brian Aragon, owner of the Kopper Kitchen. Hi Y’all. what do you do Brian? So I am the owner and operator of the Kopper Kitchen. We took over the restaurant in September 2019 and having a great time. good. What’s your favorite thing about running the Kopper Kitchen? I would have to say the excitement, The new ideas, It’s the new people, everyday is a new chance to create something new to do something new. nice. And then my last question that I asked everyone. What’s your favorite thing about the treasure Valley? Oh my gosh, I would have to say living in a bustling thriving big city with a small-town feel and then you’ve got all the beauty of the Boise National Forest all around you. I mean, it’s everything here is great. People are great. The views are great. I can’t give one. So there you have it folks. Not one good thing about the Treasure Valley but tons, all good things. I like it. Josh from Genesis real estate reminding you to keep business local and we’ll see you next time.

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