Are you buying in Boise Idaho?

February 3, 2020 joshharbst No comments exist

Free Phone app for home searching in Boise:

Website for searching if you are at a desktop:…

Hi, this is Josh from Genesis real estate, and today’s video is for people buying homes in the Boise area. We know why you want to live in Boise, So this video is not about that. We know about the green belt, we know about the river, we know about the Foothills, and our thriving downtown. But what is it like to actually be looking for a home to purchase in the Boise Valley? It’s very difficult. We’ve had, it’s been a seller’s market for years. We’ve had low inventory for a very long time. We do know nationally that we’re at an 11-year high for mortgage loan applications. You know, with all those factors, it means you have to act quickly and you have to write an offer on a property that’s going to be accepted in a potential multiple-offers situation. With that said, you want experience on your side. And also, somebody who’s been in the business a long time may have been able to forge a relationship with the list agent so that you can be a preferred buyer for that particular property as well. So I’m trying to make it as easy as possible to buy in the Boise Valley. I’ve attached two links to this video either up there, down there, or over there that are going to be a link to my free app so that you can search the Boise Valley, or if you’re at a desktop, I’ve got a pretty detailed search website as well. So I’m gonna hook you up with those and please reach out with questions.

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