Jonathan Long

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Getting to Know Jonathan, the REALTOR® 


Jonathan is more than a REALTOR® who can do the job, he is the REALTOR® you call to get things done. Refusing to offer a “Jack of all Trades, master of none” type of service, Jonathan brings a team of real estate professionals and specialists to every transaction. By delivering a service that is highly customizable and can be tailored to every client’s unique situation, Jonathan’s team provides powerful options to a more diverse clientele.  He values each client individually and applies honesty, dependable knowledge and experience, and a strong work ethic to every transaction. Having himself purchased and sold multiple properties, Jonathan is sensitive to the needs and desires of buyers and sellers throughout the entire real estate transaction process, as well as those arising after the transaction has closed. “I have a healthy respect for buyers and sellers of real estate, as I am keenly aware that real estate investments rank among the highest and most important financial decisions of a lifetime and, for most, are among the most personal and tangible investments they will ever make.”


Getting to Know Jonathan, the Person 


Where I am From

– Jonathan grew up in the expansive territory of Alaska, beneath wintery night skies, colorfully alive with the aurora borealis, and midnight summer suns. From an early age, he was driven to excel and work harder and smarter for what goals he desired to achieve. Being the eldest of three brothers, the son of self-employed parents, and the grandson of a forty-year veteran real estate broker, he learned both the necessity and reward of a solid work ethic. Thus, in 1997, Jonathan stepped out to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and began a rewarding career in real estate.


Where I Have Been

– Nearly 10 years later, Jonathan chose a sabbatical from the life and work of a REALTOR®, first pursuing an advancement of his technical real estate skills through education and experience as an Appraiser and then by applying his Russian Studies degree in service to his country as a federal investigator. More like a journey than a sabbatical, this chapter in the life of the Long family took them from Alaska to the Gulf Coast and exceedingly enriched them with personal growth and life-long friendships. Along the way, Jonathan attained a skill set uniquely transferable to the real estate market that was bolstered by his knowledge and experience in leadership roles, crisis negotiation, project management, and collaborative networking.


Where I am Home

– A desire to put down roots and settle close to relatives brought Jonathan’s homeschooling family of five to the Treasure Valley. With the sabbatical behind him, Jonathan set his sights on returning to real estate with a singleness of heart and mind to accomplish the following: to work harder and smarter than ever before, to serve his clients at a level even superior to that which he would expect to be served himself, and to use what flexibility and challenges accompany a career in real estate to mentor his children. “On any given day now, amid the hustle and bustle of growing a business and serving the needs of my clients, you might find me ‘wrastling’ or playing tag with my boys, cooking or studying politics with my daughter, taking country drives with my wife, playing Up the River/Down the River with my in-laws, or singing hymns with Grandma in the nursing home.  My family is my home and my home is in the Treasure Valley.”



  • 35 years customer service experience

  •  18+ years real estate experience

    • 17 years – licensed REALTOR®

    • ~1 ½ years – Real Estate Tax Appraiser

      • As Primary, assigned area ~3,000 parcels.

      • As Secondary, assigned area ~6,800 parcels.

  • 5+ years investigative experience: dynamic negotiator, project manager, and collaborator skill set

    • Co-founded a resource assistance multi-agency task force.

    • Chief area liaison to R&D and military defense industry.

    • Specialized training in crisis negotiation

    • 5 separate awards for quality workmanship and “Superior Service.”


  • Idaho Real Estate License

  • Intermountain Multiple Listing Service, Inc.

  • Ada County Association of REALTORS®

  • Idaho Association of REALTORS®

  • National Association of REALTORS®

  • University of Alaska Fairbanks – BA in Russian Studies, Political Science Minor


  • National Rifle Association

  • Idaho Coalition of Home Educators

  • Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State